Best Interview Tips for 2014

The date of an interview is circled on a calendar so you remember the important meeting with your potential new employer

With the New Year quickly approaching, we’ve compiled our annual list of the best interview tips for 2014. Are you looking for a new job this year? We can help!

With the current rate of American unemployment, a troubling 7.3%, we understand it’s more important than ever for those outside the workforce to put their best foot forward.

Nailing your interview is the most critical aspect of landing the position you’re applying for. In reality, there’s plenty of jobs are available — but it’s the interview process that determines whether you’ll secure one.

Although the interview process has largely remained the same from one decade to another, constantly evolving industries have stirred some subtle differences.

Whether you’re interviewing over the phone, in person or over Skype — the best interview tips for 2014 can help you hit a homerun with hiring managers anywhere.

Exploring a variety of topics including networking, preparation, interview attire and thank you letters, you’ll have a strong game plan before you even shake hands with your interviewer.

We created this site in collaboration with several hiring managers from across the country to help you propel your career this 2014. Together we can make the new year the most successful in your professional career!

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