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Top 5 Interview Mistakes


There’s plenty of things you can do to land a job, but as our top 5 interview mistakes will tell you, there’s just as many things that can take you out of the running for a position. The most common interview mistake is arriving late. If you’re interviewing in a location you’ve never been before,… Read more »

How to Dress for Your Interview

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You should spend as little time as possible determining how to dress for your interview, using that time to prepare yourself for the tough questions instead. Here’s the best way to simplify your attire. Your wardrobe plays a major role in making your first impression to any potential employee. Regardless of the work environment, it’s… Read more »

Our Best Skype Interview Tips

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Don’t be surprised if you’ve found yourself searching for Skype interview tips, especially if you’re applying for an out of state job. Skype is a free to use video and voice chat service employers are increasingly turning to for its convenience, the ability to conduct meetings and interviews without the burden of things like travel… Read more »