Our Best Skype Interview Tips

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Don’t be surprised if you’ve found yourself searching for Skype interview tips, especially if you’re applying for an out of state job.

Skype is a free to use video and voice chat service employers are increasingly turning to for its convenience, the ability to conduct meetings and interviews without the burden of things like travel expenses.

Despite the absence of an in-person interview, Skype video interviews can be every bit as personable. But how does interview etiquette change when being interviewed over Skype?

It’s awfully tempting to let eye contact go out the window when you’re staring at your interviewer through at your MacBook screen — but make a conscious effort to stay connected.

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“Make sure you’re looking into the video camera during your interview. It might seem a little disjointed but this is the only effective way to maintain eye contact with your interviewer.”

Dress professionally for your Skype interview. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to treat this video interview no differently from an interview in-person. Your attire is a reflection of how serious you regard the position you’re interviewing for.

You have the luxury of interviewing virtually anywhere you can connect to the Internet, but choose wisely. Several environmental factors can hurt your chances of being hired.

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“Find a quiet and neat area that makes you feel comfortable. Interviewing from home is a great option and can help your confidence, just make sure to eliminate any distractions including pets and noisy appliances. Although your interviewer will be focused on you, make their job easier by moving anything distracting in the background”

“Double check to make sure unnecessary applications and programs are closed during your interview. It’s okay to have a page of notes up during your interview, but never rely on them heavily. Chances are your interviewer has conducted Skype interviews before, they’ll know when you’re scripted.”

It’s important to conduct the majority of your research on the company beforehand, but it’s okay to have a cheat sheet up during your interview.

Be very conscious of your body language throughout the Skype interview. If you’re interviewing from home, it’s easy to grow too comfortable. Make your posture a priority.

Finally, maintaining a high level of engagement between you and your interviewer is essential.

Expert Corner

“Just because your interviewer is tasked with video conferencing you, that doesn’t mean you have their undivided attention. They could occasionally receive an e-mail or phone call that derails the conversation. Avoid rambling and make sure you take pause to keep your interviewer properly engaged.”


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