Preparing for Your Interview

Taking notes

Preparing for your interview takes a lot of work. Here’s a few pointers to get you started.

  • Research your prospective company through and through. Learn about their history and where the company seems to be heading. Find the names of important figures and their role in the company, particularly your interviewer.

How will your hiring you benefit the company overall? Before you even attempt to answer that question, research the position thoroughly in the context of the entire industry.

Awareness of a company is one thing, passion is entirely different. Is the position something that genuinely interests you or are you simply looking for a paycheck? Make sure your enthusiasm for job is what you lead with during the interview process.

  • Mock interviews are very helpful. Find a friend or family member, one with awareness of the position if possible, and do a bit of role playing. Have them prepare interview questions you think might come up, making sure to include a few of those curve balls.

Prepare to answer the tough questions. Many people are stumped when asked, “What’s your greatest weakness?”, but there’s always a savvy solution here. For instance, present your weakness as a strength, such as, “I work too much, I won’t walk away from something until it’s finished.” Just be aware your interviewer has probably heard most of the responses you’re likely to find online. Be creative!

  • Scout out the location of your interview beforehand. Not only can you avoid getting lost the day of your interview, seeing the location ahead of time can have a huge psychological benefit as you’re no longer walking into uncharted territory. Put interview anxiety in its place before it ever occurs.

Expert Corner

“Mock interviews are great in terms of preparation, but don’t overdo it. It’s generally worse to come off robotic and practiced than it is to struggle with an honest answer. Too much rehearsal intrudes on that mostly true philosophy regarding interviews: be yourself.”


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