Top 5 Interview Mistakes


There’s plenty of things you can do to land a job, but as our top 5 interview mistakes will tell you, there’s just as many things that can take you out of the running for a position.

  1. The most common interview mistake is arriving late. If you’re interviewing in a location you’ve never been before, it’s critical you scout the location beforehand. The day of your interview, leave at least an hour earlier than you think you should be there. Any extra time you have before being interviewed can be used to do additional prep or calm your nerves, whatever the case may be.

  1. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so it better be good. Many people blow their interview just by walking through the door wearing inappropriate clothing or sporting unprofessional hairstyles. Be certain any visible tattoos are covered and larger accessories are removed.

  1. Although it’s a matter of common sense, you’d be shocked to learn how many blow their interview thanks to their phone. No potential employer wants their time wasted with a ringing cell phone! Have the presence of mind to shut down your phone or leave it behind.

  1. This isn’t high school and you can’t wing your way through an interview. If you legitimately know anything about the company, your interviewer will pick up on it — fast. Avoid an uncomfortable experience and do your homework beforehand by learning about the company’s past, present and future.

  1. While it may not play a heavily engaging role, your resume is essentially the crux of your entire interview. If you waited until the day of your interview to update your resume, you’re in trouble.

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